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イベント名 化学部門公開講演会
イベント種類 講演会
講演者(講師) 杉本 敏樹 准教授
イベント詳細 講師: 杉本 敏樹 准教授 (分子科学研究所 物質分子科学研究領域・電子構造研 究部門)
日時: 5月19日 (木) 16:00-17:30
場所: ウエスト1号館 B-314教室
言語: 日本語

固体表面水分子凝集系の構造物性に迫る非線形振動分光と未踏表面界面領域探求 に向けた新たなプラズモンフリー計測戦略・高度利活用戦略

In general, surfaces and interfaces of materials have different properties and structures from those of the bulk. We are especially interested in the interfacial phenomena, in which water molecules are deeply involved. This is because the behavior of interfacial water are critical subjects in basic and applied research in a wide range of fields, including physics, chemistry, and biology. In the symmetry-breaking interfacial systems, molecular orientation is a key structural parameter that determines the functional properties of water molecules. However, orientation of water molecules, i.e. configuration of hydrogens, in the interfacial hydrogen-bond network has been extremely difficult to be investigated by traditional structure-analysis techniques such as electron diffraction, grazing X-ray scattering and even scanning probe microscopy, because hydrogen has only a single electron and responds extremely weakly to the probes of these techniques; thus, the determination of molecular orientation of interfacial water systems has been an experimental challenge. We have recently tackled the challenges of elucidating the orientational structures of water molecules on metal surfaces by using cutting-edge nonlinear optical spectroscopy, i.e. heterodyne-detected sum-frequency generation (HD-SFG) spectroscopy. In the first half of my talk, I would like to briefly describe the basic concept of SFG spectroscopy as a hydrogen-configuration sensitive probe, which will be followed by overviews of our research on the adsorption geometry and rotational ordering of water molecules on model electrode metal surfaces. In the second half of my talk, I would like to introduce our new spectroscopic challenge to open up unexplored research on surfaces and interfaces.
対象 教職員向け 在学生向け
使用言語 日本語
開催期間 2023年5月19日 16:00 〜 17:30
ウエスト1号館 B-314教室
定員 なし
申込み方法 事前申込み不要
理学研究院 化学部門 分光分析化学研究室 宮田潔志