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Result of the Screening


The Graduate School of Science in Kyushu University admits international students twice a year, in October and April. The International Program, a degree program conducted in English, is a program in which students enroll in October and for which Japanese proficiency is not required. Students can obtain a Master/Doctoral degree in English.

The aim of Education and Research

School of Science

Sciences are the study of revealing nature's truths, and structuring a way to systematically explain universal principles and truths. The aim in the School of Science is to educate students to acquire an ability to think fundamentally through our education and research programs, and to broadly contribute to society with this specialized knowledge, technology, and methodology.

Graduate School of Science

Sciences are the study of revealing nature's truths, and structuring a way to systematically explain universal principles and truths. The Graduate School of Science teaches the laws of nature, and the principles and methods of sciences. Through education and research, we aim to train cutting-edge researchers, who will have a broad perspective, and take an active role in the international arena, and also professionals who can greatly contribute to society with their advanced skills and scholarly wisdom.

Admission Policies

School of Science

  • Students who are keenly interested in nature and theories
  • Students who are eager to learn and pursue those interests
  • Students who have an ability to think logically and creatively
  • Students who possess the basic academic abilities in order to obtain an education in the School of Science.

Graduate School of Science

  • Students who possess the basic academic abilities in order to obtain an education in the Graduate School of Science.
  • Students who are keenly interested in the natural science and eager to pursue its essential qualities.
  • Students who are eager to create and develop new fields.
  • Students who are proactive and capable of independent study and self-development
  • Students who aim to become a researcher or professional based upon natural science

Outline of the Graduate School

Admissions Procedure

Student Voice

Towfiq Hossain
Master course student
Department of Physics
My lab’s research area is spintronics. We are trying to discover exotic characteristics of electron spin by making thin film deposition based on sputtering and also nano-structure fabrication based on electron beam lithography. We also use RF frequency measurement based on network analyzer. In our lab we can use many cutting-edge tools and technology and advanced high-tech machines for our research. My professor and lab mates are very helpful and I am learning a lot regularly with the help of their kind guidance. Kyushu University’s staff and facilities are excellent and it has the largest campus in Japan. It has a beautifully designed high-tech library for studying and on the other hand for training your body it has athletic fields and gym facilities available for everyone. In addition to the necessary modern facilities and convenience, there are also many clubs and circles in Kyushu University where anyone can join if their interest aligns. I am a member of Renshinkan Karate club where I have started as a complete beginner but now enjoying a lot learning from other members. In my free time I like to roam around with my friends going to the beach, local shrines, cycling and trekking hills and mountains. There are countless places Itoshima peninsula for relaxing and enjoying natural scenery. Here one can enjoy the beautiful serene nature surrounded by green mountains and sandy beaches. It’s a great place to enjoy a healthy and relaxed life. I am getting scholarship from JICA which is more than enough to live a quality life here in Fukuoka. So, besides my research I am also travelling around, learning Japanese culture and having nutritionally-balanced fresh Japanese food regularly and overall, I am really enjoying my time here.
Ara Cho
Doctoral course student
Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences
I am really happy to enter Kyushu University to get a Ph.D. and meet our lab-members. I started my Ph.D. directly after I graduated with a masters degree in Korea. I faced many problems such as looking for a home because I did not have enough time to study Japanese. Whenever I am in trouble, all of my friends try to help me. I still cannot speak Japanese well, however, my lab-members never exclude me; they are the most kind, positive and active people I have ever met. Thanks to them, I could stand homesickness. As I am a geologist, I have been studying reconstruction of paleoenvironmental change and climate change during the past 2000 years using diatom assemblage with lake sediment. The lab and my professor always offer what I need for research. When I have free time, I spend time with international friends watching a movie and looking around Fukuoka. Several events for international students are held in the university even in the dormitory. That is why I have been able to make many friends who are from other countries. Recently, I am into watching Netflix and cooking when I have spare time at home.
I have been getting a scholarship from Asahi scholarship foundation, and Kyushu University offers tuition exemption to international student depending on their situation. Therefore, most international students do not need to get a part-time job to get money. I have visited many cities in Japan since I started my Ph.D. Fukuoka is the best city to stay because it is not too crowded and expensive. Most of Kyushu University’s campus has been moved to the outskirts of Fukuoka city. However, all the buildings are new, and the campus is more extensive than before. Also, Kyushu University has a good relationship with overseas universities and offer an opportunity to study and visit there. I am sure that Kyushu University is the best place to study and enjoy life in Japan for all students.





Living in Fukuoka