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Academic Calendar

2019 Academic Calendar

First Semester begins Apr. 1 (Mon.)  
*Spring Break Apr. 1 (Mon.) to Apr. 7 (Sun.) See note 1 below.
Student Health Exams Apr. 2 (Tue.) to Apr. 19 (Fri.)  
New Student Orientation Apr. 1 (Mon.) to Apr. 6 (Sat.)  
First Semester Matriculation Ceremony Apr. 3 (Wed.) School and Graduate School
Spring Quarter Begins Apr. 8 (Mon.) See note 2.
Anniversary of the University’s Founding May 11 (Sat.) Classes are held.
Spring Quarter Ends Jun. 10 (Mon.)  
Summer Quarter Begins Jun. 11 (Tue.) See note 2.
Summer Quarter Ends Aug. 20 (Tue.)  
*Summer Break Aug. 21 (Wed.) to Sept. 30 (Mon.) See note 1.
First Semester Commencement Ceremony Sept. 25 (Wed.)  
First Semester Ends Sept. 30 (Mon.)  
Second Semester Begins Oct. 1 (Tue.)  
Second Semester Matriculation Ceremony Oct. 1 (Tue.)  
Fall Quarter Begins Oct. 2 (Wed.) See note 2.
*Kyushu University Festival Oct. 11 (Fri.) to Oct. 14 (Mon.) See note 1.
Fall Quarter Ends Dec. 2 (Mon.)  
Winter Quarter Begins Dec. 3 (Tue.) See note 2.
*Winter Break Dec. 26 (Thu.) to Jan. 5 (Sun.) See note 1.
University Entrance Examination Jan. 18 (Sat.) to Jan 19 (Sun.) Administered by National Center for University Entrance Examinations
Winter Quarter Ends Feb. 17 (Mon.)  
Kyushu University Entrance Examination Feb. 25 (Tue.) to Feb. 26 (Wed.) Students choose ealier and/or later(see below) scheduling.
Kyushu University Entrance Examination Mar. 12 (Thu.)  
Second Semester Commencement Ceremony Mar. 23 (Mon.)  
Second Semester Ends Mar. 31 (Tue.)  
1. Calendar periods marked by an asterisk (*) indicate class hiatus dates for most academic units. Some, however, may hold classes during these periods.
2. Under the new University academic calendar, implemented as of April, 2017, "Spring Quarter" and "Summer Quarter" together comprise "First Semester"; "Fall Quarter" and "Winter Quarter" make up "Second Semester".